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This page was updated 12 August 2016

This is very much a work in progress document I will add and subtract from it as information becomes available

I have been approached several times about buying selling and trading ginseng products .The market in Europe is very different to the rest of the world but is gradually growing .Although it’s not what I visualised I would be doing I think that new products are worth exploring. 

Someone has asked what is value added? Value added products are dried root, capsules, powders, tinctures, sliced root any ginseng parts in packaging, not raw unprocessed root.


I would love to talk to someone who understands the packaging labelling directive of the European union and is able to produce and use ginseng with that labelling.  Please email me and I will get back to you.


I feel I have to write about our American brothers who have dominated the ginseng markets for years.They are the most generous, friendly, helpful people I have ever come across but they seem to be unable to change to meet the challenges that a growing market brings.

The days when a digger could grab a hand full of sang (ginseng roots)  and sell it with the dirt on are fading into history .Packaging with clear labelling in a language understandable by the buyer is the way forward. How hard can it be?


The Chinese are already meeting the challenge of ginseng promotion with product traceability, labelling with contents and contra indications that meet EEC regulations and customer care with a willingness to listen and change


Live roots and seeds

I buy and sell Ginseng roots, plants and seeds. I grow all of my own rootlets and seeds but I am always willing to consider other suppliers.  

In some countries the digging of ginseng is regulated by law CITES permits are required for export of live American ginseng different states have different regulation .Other countries will be unregulated or have different laws .I am not an international lawyer so if you approach me about buying or selling make absolutely sure that you understand your countries laws and regulations