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Page was updated 2 Feb 2018

Ginseng roots have been used for thousands of years .Ginseng has very modern day uses for increasing energy and endurance for pumping iron in body builders and improving women’s troubles are just a modern reflection of a very long history of human use.

Our interests at ginseng UK are in growing ginseng .We are a community of growers that sell roots and seeds, distribute cultivation information and general advice from personal experience .We are based in the UK but have friends from all over Europe .

About Me 
I like to think of myself as the traditional English eccentric gardener. Pottering around the borders moaning and groaning about pests but always with some huge Ginseng  plant in the woods to keep me interested. 

I personally   work with educational bodies; private plant collections, universities, museums and supply information and material to those institutions.


I think it is worth mentioning that I am a man in my fifties. My wife and I work; she loves her work I love Ginseng .

To me the customer is king .I like to get orders correct and give more than the customer buys either in information or service